Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Prototype 2: Blackwatch Collector's Edition Unboxing

I haven't made this clear enough but Prototype on Xbox 360 is quite possibly one of my favorite games. Ignoring the plot that takes itself a little too seriously, the adventures of Alex Mercer running, gliding, and kicking helicopters make for a good time. I wouldn't call Prototype perfect, it's just fun. Imagine living the life of a superhero in a decaying New York City, without the responsibility or moral dilemma of helping citizens. Instead, you consume their life force to fuel your rampaging bloodbath. All to save the day.

Look at our hero in action.

Clearly deserving of a sequel, Prototype 2 finally released this week after three long years. Feeling compelled to purchase collector's editions I naturally scooped up the fancy pants Blackwatch Edition from Best Buy. Check out the pics after the jump.

The outer box for the Blackwatch Edition is somewhere between a regular console game and an old school PC game in terms of size. It looks substantial and has some heft without crossing over to ridiculous. Even though the main construction is dense cardboard, the packaging doesn't feel cheap or flimsy.

 You might even say it's a Heller-of-a-good box.

The rest of the shots will run through the little details of the packaging, as well as the contents. Enjoy!

The plain inner box under the games outer slipcover. 
Nice touch with the classified sticker and Blackwatch logo.

It's a simple detail, but blood red stripe separating the two layers of the case really pops.

A look inside the box, artbook on the left and game in another cardboard slipcover on the right.

The usual stuff, nothing impressive.

Nice raised logo hiding under the artbook.

The standard game case next to the slipcover, and soundtrack.
It's nice to still get physical discs instead of download codes.

Bad ass sleeve art for soundtrack.

Lastly, the Best Buy exclusive steel book case. 
The same artbook on the front of the case is on the back of the cardboard slipcover from the game case.

Well there you have it. All in all a solid collector's edition with all the usual trimmings. Nothing really outstanding or unique, just quality material all around. My only complaint is the spine of the outer box seems like it could wear down over time and separate, like some other boxed sets *cough*GranTurismo5*cough*

I've only tackled the first half hour of the game, so I really can't form an opinion yet. So far so good, if a little slow to start. Hopefully I'll have a better rundown later in the week. Keep reading!


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