Sunday, April 15, 2012

PAX East 2012: My Favorite Bits

I know PAX East is still new to Boston (3 years old) and it already feels like an entirely different show than the first expo in 2010. This year's event was phenomenal with tons of games to check out, including small and local indie titles unavailable anywhere else. I probably couldn't even remember half of what I saw and played if it wasn't for all the pics I took. So here there are, just a few of the best bits of PAX East 2012.

Easter Sunday. Not so busy on the outside...

...inside, that's a different story.

Anyway, here's stuff I really liked this year:

Big Assassin's Creed III logo, which was surprisingly evil-looking.

Giant spider-witch at the Dungeon and Dragons booth.
Since she's neither a dungeon nor dragon, I'm not quite sure what she is. Any thoughts?

Full-size tagged school bus for Lollipop Massacre.
Check out cosplay Jessica Nigri in the driver seat before she got kicked out.

Speaking of life-size, there was a badass Power Loader and Xenomorph alien from...Aliens.

Might be hard to see but you could hop inside the loader,
and the crew would snap of pic of you freaking out.

Ridiculous multi-story Max Payne 3 banner.
Not pictured: the ridiculous line to play the demo.

Behemoth always has an awesome both with huge arcade cabinets for demoing games.
This year they sold mini-figs of Castle Crashers, dispensed from Japanese capsule machines.

 They even used yen!

The latest Far Cry entry looking as sick as always.

I know the game has been out for awhile, but this was a fun little booth.

Not a great pic, but one of my favorite cosplay couples. Simple, but refined.
Check out Jensen's shades.

Yet another semi-pro cosplayer hired by developers.
This one helped give promo cards for Kid Icarus: Uprising.

And for my favorite booth from the entire weekend:




...and Zero.

Ladies and gentlemen, Borderlands 2. Hold on to your butts.

Well, that's the end of that. Obviously I thoroughly enjoyed the part of the expo where my wife and I dressed up in costume. But I already covered that. Stay tuned for a brief rundown of the best swag at the show, as well as a contest coming up!


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