Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stray Sheep Make Great Threads

Taking some time to get back into an old hobby, I finally made another custom video game t-shirt. Years ago I made a ton of shirts using good ol' Photoshop and iron-on transfers, but the quality of the transfer was never that great. Enough washes and the image loses some color and starts cracking. Kind of like those "retro" shirts you see at every mall kiosk, minus the irony. Luckily my wife came across a simple method for stenciling images on plain t-shirts, which we tested a few months ago. Itching for a new design, I knocked this out last night.

I wasn't sure how familiar the image would be, but I really dug the style behind Catherine for Xbox 360 and PS3. The demo was interesting and the game is definitely on my backlog. Once I found a nice wallpaper of the main character, Vincent, all it took was some photoshopping help (thanks Jen!) and a bit of patience with applying the fabric paint. A couple coats later and my new shirt is already enhancing my clearly Herculean physique. I have some more ideas lined up that I can hopefully have ready to show off soon.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lost Levels IV - I Ran Out of Clever Names Edition

Hey folks, I'm back with more recent finds from local shops. Nothing too fancy, just a bit of nostalgic gaming.  Although I don't know how much fun these games are considering I have yet to pick up an old Sega Genesis or 32X add-on for that matter. Maybe I should stick to classic Saturn games until then. Check out the pics after the jump.