Thursday, April 12, 2012

PAX East 2012: Jet Set Radio!

Even though we usually plan out costumes months in advance, it always seems like my wife and I rely on the last two weeks to finish assembly. I guess there's something about the hurried insanity of way too many late nights that add a little touch of magic to the costumes. Oh well, some insomnia never hurt anyone, right? Onward to costumes at PAX East 2012!

 We're down there, I promise.

Sonic does not approve.

Beat, playing as Beat in Jet Set Radio. Mind. Blown.

We're by no means seasoned pros at this whole cosplay thing, but I'd like to think my wife and I hold our own against the pros. Of course, I didn't worry too much about how we looked anytime we ran into a Jet Set Radio fan. The mere sight of us brought joy to diehard Sega fans. And it didn't hurt the Sega was demoing the HD release of Jet Set Radio for Xbox Live Arcade at their booth. Hell, even the reps at the show were stoked to see us.

I think he was cosplaying a brand manager or something.
(thanks Ben!)

 Overall the show was a blast, and definitely one of the best times we had in costume. I've always been a fan of cosplaying conventions, if only from the happiness it brings fans of the characters. Nothing beats the look on the face of a grown man excited to see a live action Beat and Gum skating around a video game convention. Oh yes, there was skating involved. That is, until the convention police busted us and made us take off the rollerblades. Still, we kept it real for the rest of the show.

 GG's for life!
(thanks Maya Cecile!)

Stayed tuned over the next couple days, I'll be posting bits and pieces of PAX East 2012. Be sure to read my thoughts on the best game on display, and keep your eyes peeled for some giveaways soon!


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