Friday, July 29, 2011

Package from Nintendo Makes My Friday

In the mailbox this afternoon I received a notice from USPS informing me a package had been left at my leasing office. A short walk later I'm back at home with this monster flat envelope (that's my 3DS for scale, hint hint). I knew what was contained inside the minute I saw the package and the Nintendo of America return sticker, so behold, my first ever unboxing post.

Arriving amazingly fast after ordering from Club Nintendo, I opened the huge envelope to find my Giant Mii AR Card (not my words, check out the shot of the instruction letter above). Here's the details courtesy of

A giant version of the AR Card included with the Nintendo 3DS™ system – use it create life-sized Mii™ characters and enjoy amazing augmented-reality gaming experience with AR Games!

• Measures approximately 28.5" L x 18.25" W
• Use with Mii Pics in AR Games
• Reverse side features a Mario AR Card print that can be used in "Star Pics"
• This product is delivered in a folded state, so there is a crease along the middle; however, this does not affect photography
• Read the Nintendo 3DS Operations Manual prior to use
This thing is ridiculously big. 

That's 28.5" L x 18.25". Not a typo. 

Granted, Nintendo is using the word "card" loosely. This monstrosity is poster-sized but feels pretty sturdy. I noticed a small amount of wrinkling immediately after opening, so be careful. For it's size it's a bit awkward to maneuver around a small apartment, and I can't imagine lugging this around town to see how funny Mario looks in a public area (or can I...?). Hopefully I can get some better pics off the system with some brighter lighting, but it was a real dump of a day with clouds and rain. For scale, here's the AR card on my dining room table. I'm standing on a bar stool about 6 feet around. The instructions recommend a distance of about 7-10 feet. They are not joking.


The card only runs 200 Coins (Nintendo's points) but unfortunately, Club Nintendo's page for the card now says they are backordered until the end of August. Here's hoping anyone who was interested in a Giant Mii AR Card ordered one. Well that's all for now, thanks for checking out the post.



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