Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Attention Deficit Gamer - IN FUTURISTIC THREE-DEE!

Well, not really 3D.

Netflix just came out on the Nintendo 3DS last week as part of an update to the eShop. Naturally there is some skepticism about the service running on the system, and rightfully so. This isn't a revolutionary update to the handheld, but considering we're talking about the entire Netflix instant catalog running on a handheld without having to pay for an additional data, I'll take it. Here's my take:

  • Loading the application takes just under a minute to get into the main menu (your queue). My wireless router at home is two rooms down the hall in my living room, and I don't subscribe to any fancy service. Just good ol' fashioned internet.
  • The menu interface isn't exactly quick, but it's clean, ripped straight from the Wii version. The bottom screen is all the categories/genres, top screen shows your selection and related info.
  • All of the features carry over from the Wii version, including the search. Pulled up a couple of new TV shows pretty quickly and added them to the queue.
  • Shows and movies run in both standard (black borders) and widescreen format. Movies naturally take a little longer to load, but we talking less than 30 seconds here. Skipping ahead or rewinding only takes a couple seconds to reload. TV episodes run even smoother.
  • Based on connection speed, I've seen some impressive video on this application. Some jaggies when my connection isn't up to par for some movies, but then awesomely smooth on anime episodes.
This should go without saying: you will wait for loading movies, and you will not watch in HD. But hot damn, this is impressive for a WiFi handheld. Overall it's a solid experience, with only the minor issues with load times. Having portable Netflix is pretty sweet and a welcome addition to the 3DS.


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