Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Attention Deficit Gamer - Section 8: Prejudice Demo

Welcome back to another installment of ADG: Attention Deficit Gamer. Up this round is another Xbox Live demo, because I'm sure as most of you know the PSN is still down from last Thursday or Friday (way too long in either case). Why another demo, you may ask? It's cheaper than buying or renting, simple as that. Not only am I an impatient gamer, I'm a cheapskate too.

Section 8: Prejudice is a download only follow-up to Section 8, a rather generic multiplatform shooter that kind of ripped off Tribes, and not in a good way. The original game didn't really strike a chord with me when I tried the first multiplayer demo, which went something like:


"Oh, now I'm on the ground. And it sucks. When is Halo: Reach launching, again?"

Sufficed to say I never gave the game a second thought, but apparently the folks at TimeGate Studios (who?) did, and now we have Section 8: Prejudice.

  • The game recommends I try the Campaign Tutorial before attempting multiplayer. At first this seems crazy, but as I soon learn, it really doesn't make a difference anyway.
  • There's a lot of talking, and not a whole lot of me orbital dropping. This is not good.
  • If you're going to use any Unreal engine, please TRY. Guys with no necks in giant spacesuits does not equal good graphics.

  • And on that same note, if you're not going to spend time of making the engine work, don't bother attempting story with terrible voice actors. See: "not orbital dropping" above.
  • I'm running around using this overdrive nonsense more than necessary. Don't pad a map with empty space to justify faster running that doesn't aim at all.
  • Now there are aliens or rebel humans or something, also in giant spacesuits. These guys red so I know they're up to no good, apparently.
  • Five minutes later and I've killed everything with zero effect, thanks to my overly animated knife stabbing ability. Seriously, the stab animation takes longer than just shooting the f***er.
  • Great, I got smashed by a plane. Now the demo's over and I'm prompted to buy the game to see if I'm not really smashed. 
  • As I exit out of the game, I remember the multiplayer included in the demo. "Oh yeah. Multiplayer... wonder if Modern Family is on."
Total Play Time: 10-15 minutes, which is remarkable considering most of it was watching me knife ONE red suit.


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