Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lost Levels - I'm Not Helping Edition

It can be a little frustrating collecting games. Recently, as seen in some of my older posts, I've been fortunate enough to come across some old Sega Genesis games on the cheap and in decent condition. Never one to pass up on a deal, my Genesis collection has grow significantly in the past few months. The trick is, I don't own a functioning Genesis.

Am I being lazy by not buying the proper cables? Of course.

Is it helping that I've passed on buying new controllers? Certainly not.

But that's money that could be spent on other random deals spotted in the wild, like these:

Genesis games are usually pretty common in used video game stores, and prices are average at best. Most of the time though, all you find is a surplus of Sonic 2 carts, a couple NBA Jams, and the occasional Mortal Kombat. Nothing really that rare or exciting...

...just like this number. In retrospect this is a game I would normally never buy. At the time, this was part of a buy 1 get 1 free deal at my local used bookstore/random game depositorium. Being the only other game worth picking up to make the deal, I figured grab it for the sake of being an oldie in good shape. Luckily the other three games were some nice classics at a hell of a price. I think all of these were about a buck or two a piece.

Ecco and I have a special history (the original, that is; I've never played the sequel). It's the only game I played as a child that lasted hours, even though I didn't get past the first zone. I would literally spend hours flipping in the air and ramming my bottled nose into coral for kicks. By the time I accidentally flipped high enough to trigger a goddamned alien abduction, I could care less about the rest of the game. Bouncing into giant crystals and getting stung by jellyfish is not a as fun as it sounds. Launching over jetties and pulling sweet air? That's a game worth playing.

Pictured: A "spectacular" flip.

This one caught me off guard. When I saw Beauty and the Beast on the spine of the case, I naturally expected a game about Belle traipsing around a library in the countryside while dodging whimsically bouncing books.

Like this, only French.

To my great surprise I was instead greeted by the menacing snarl of the Beast staring down some wolves. That's right, no damsel in distress, just a badass looking to club some animals. Or so I thought. Flipping over the back, what do we find? Beast getting assaulted by said wolves. In less than the time it took to rotate a box 180 degrees, Beast got pwned.

I've never had the opportunity to use the phrase "Dickwolves" until now. 
Thank you, Disney.

Saddened by yet another childhood memory destroyed, I looked to a more distant past. 1986.

Beyond the random encounter in a tried and true used game store, I haven't found many of the old Sega Master System games. Not flashy by any means, there is something kind of cool about the old box with its no frills approach. With the exception of the metallic silver grid in the background the whole package has a nice simple design to it. It's a shame that with the money saved on cover art Sega couldn't spring for a better character artist.

So wait, am I FEARLESS or SIZZLER? Or more importantly, does it matter?

Rounding out my recent retro finds is the Game & Watch Collection for the Nintendo DS. An exclusive release for Club Nintendo, this is one of the better rewards for buying hundreds of dollars of Nintendo software. The DS game comes with three LCD games from the original Game & Watch handhelds. With only a choice of two modes per game this isn't exactly a packed feature, but a nice tribute nonetheless. 

The box art is pretty great, considering it really only uses the bare-bones graphics from the original game. Plus the pseudo-gold color is a nice touch to give it that classic feel. For about $10 at Gamestop this was a worthy purchase for the collection. Now to keep my eyes peeled for the second collection...

With any luck I'll have another short post coming up later this week previewing the Battlefield 3 multiplayer beta on Xbox 360. I'll be comparing the latest offering to last spring's Battlefield: Bad Company 2, which is one of my favorite Xbox Live game to date. Stay tuned, and thanks for reading!


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