Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Halo 4 Lithograph: Quoth the Raven, what a shine!

Jumping on the 'way-too-early-pre-order' bandwagon, Best Buy is currently offering a free lithograph with five bucks deposit towards Halo 4. Truth be told I don't know when the next chapter in the Master Chief saga is coming out, and frankly I couldn't care less. Remind me later when it's a month from release. Then I can stop playing Halo: Reach and drop $60 to play some more Halo. Because nothing is wrong with that picture. This picture, however, is what's right with Halo.

Expecting the standard rolled up poster printed on cheap paper, I almost missed these on display with past Halo games currently on sale. Even with the bold image of Master Chief's helmet smack in the center, I must have walked past the 11' x 17" prints once or twice without noticing. I'm I took the time to place a reservation today, considering the quality of the lithograph.

Here's the actual print with the modest Halo 4 logo adorning the lower portion of the image.

The material is a sturdy cardstock, more along the lines of a thick posterboard. If you look carefully at the logo and the close-up on Master Chief's visor, you can see the slightly raised surface that adds some dimension to the print. The whole shebang is topped off with a glossy metallic finish that just barely borders on tacky. Think variant comics in the 1990's, only not as holographic. 

Marvel Presents: Halo X-Treme Xdition

If you need something to stare at before Halo 4 release god knows when, this is a mighty fine excuse. Best Buy seems to have a ton of these, not unlike the Assassin's Creed III steelbooks. Grab one while you can!

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