Saturday, May 12, 2012

Max Payne 3: The Promo Stuff

So Rockstar must really want us to remember the Max Payne series. Apparently they think gamers forgot about the awesome use of slo-mo bullet-time, the gritty and intense storyline, and the unique graphic novel style presentation. With the third and latest entry releasing next week, Rockstar has been ramping up awareness of Max Payne 3 like there's no tomorrow. Thankfully they're not asking us to remember this mess, but instead offering more reasons to support the original pill-popping hero in all his glory. With free stuff.

Ooh, you tease.

These delightful pieces of marketing product are all surprisingly well-constructed, handed out during PAX East 2012. Some were included with pre-orders, others were given away no questions (or credit cards) asked. A couple of different t-shirts were included in the mix although nothing spectacular. Of course, it's hard for a t-shirt to hold a candle to Bullet Pen.

It's hard not to type 'Bullitt'. Damn you Steve McQueen, stop being so cool. 

The pen itself is fairly small and probably not practical for day to day use. But in terms of pens that look like a 50 cal round, this beauty nails it. Even when the pen section is removed the base is a dead ringer for a empty shell casing. As it's been said, design is in the details.

Nice wear on the paint and metal as well.

In keeping with the ammunition theme Rockstar combined two-thirds of the ATF's jurisdiction to create this beast. A solid metal ashtray with the appearance of the base of a bullet. The dual finish nicely replicates the casing surrounding the primer, although the large Rockstar logo does seem a little out of place.

Because the personalized casing is perfectly normal.

I wish I smoked or know people who did, just to leave this out. I feel it would make a great conversation piece, albeit conversations about why I started smoking. Of course if I left this next item out, there would be some more interesting questions raised.

By far the most involved promotional item in the set is this pill organizer with cardboard sleeve. The fake prescription information and dosage instructions show how much thought went into these pieces.

It's a real 'working' pill organizer to be sure, but I don't think I'll remember to take my weekly vitamins on Y-Day.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Max Payne 3 lives up to its hype next week, particularly the bullet-time multiplayer I keep hearing about. With any luck I'll have a chance to check it out while taking my pills and writing notes with my pen.

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  1. Those collectibles look freaking AWESOME and quite detailed, and will surely be highly-sought collectibles. Congrats on scoring those!